Major technology waves impact organizations in a profound way. VMANIX Technology Consulting helps you ride these waves by leveraging emerging technologies - cloud, everything-as-a-service, mobility, social, big data, analytics - and maximizing the value of your legacy environment

  • IT Organizational Design and Outsourcing
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Risk Mitigation and Audit Compliance
  • Financial Management (Expense and Capital)
  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Virtual and Physical Compute Infrastructure for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Auto-Discovery and Process Automation Systems
  • Complex Networking
  • Storage and Back Up Strategies
  • Systems Performance Engineering and Capacity Planning
  • Data Center Assessment, Consolidation and Migrations
  • Unified Communications Messaging
  • End User Infrastructure and Mobility

Through our Enterprise Architecture and Application Strategy services, we create a flexible and actionable road map that guides the selection, deployment, operation and refresh of a company’s application and technology landscape.


Whether overhauling a single business system or defining an entirely new IT solution and service architecture, our comprehensive approach provides practical and industry-specific roadmaps that can help your businesses grow and achieve cost-effective IT agility.

Key elements of this work consist of enterprise architecture planning, governance, operating models, industry-specific architectures, and both custom and framework-based enterprise architecture development

Portfolio Management (Technology Business Management)

Make an informed decision about your technology sourcing with VMANIX. By relying on our technology ecosystem, our pricing index information, executive and technology board and we give you the knowledge you need to make the right decision and be successful.

VMANIX helps its clients through the entire IT sourcing process, from needs analysis, to RFP/RFQ preparation and distribution, to IT supplier selection and due diligence, and through contract negotiation and close. After contract signing, VMANIX will manage the client-vendor relationship for the life of the contract, including SLA verification, quarterly benchmarking against market, and dispute resolution.

  • Needs analysis and planning. Identify the right IT service to fill a current business need
  • In-source vs. outsource. Develop a balanced comparison of cost, risk, and performance
  • In-sourced optimization. Build service catalog and price model to reflect underlying cost drivers
  • Outsourced offer selection. Compress RFP cycles; convert diverse offers into single apples-to-apples scorecard
  • Mid-contract adjustment. Identify and repair divergences from best practices in price and service
  • Service reinvention. Embark on innovative models such as cloud, virtualization, PaaS, multi-vendor sourcing, etc.
  • Audit & validation. Document fair and thorough decision process to enable budget approvals and audits