Data Loss Prevention

When valuable data is moved outside an organization’s network, it runs the serious risk of breaching security policies or being permanently deleted. With our data loss prevention and security measures, we take data protection to the next step by implementing sophisticated encryption and data leakage products.

Defense In Depth

Security threats and viruses aren’t usually detected until most of the damage has already occurred. Fortunately for your organization, you have VMANIX to make sure your network stays safe and secure from unwanted visitors. Our experts will apply Defense in Depth to limit exposure to threats and increase productivity within your organization.

Mobile Security

Organizations are changing to accommodate new ways of working as computing and accessibility evolve. For network and security managers, the influx of mobile devices represents the worrisome prospect of organizational data leaks. We can help make sure your organization’s mobile devices remain secure

PCI Compliance

Taking steps to implement a proper PCI Compliance Solution is key to your organization’s success. VMANIX is here to help guarantee all payment card transactions follow the guidelines that the PCI Data Security has established. Once your organization is PCI compliant, your data will be safe and secure